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Tariq Syed
EIMI international postdoc
10/2011-10/2014: Bachelor of Science in mathematics (minor: philosophy), LMU München, München, Germany

10/2014-03/2016: Master of Science in mathematics, LMU München, München, Germany

04/2016-05/2019: Doctor rerum naturalium in mathematics, LMU München, München, Germany (advisors: Jean Fasel and Andreas Rosenschon)

Previous employment:
10/2019-08/2021: Postdoc in the work group of Marc Levine at the Universität Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany

09/2021-02/2022: Postdoc at the Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia
vector bundles, algebraic K-theory, Hermitian K-theory, motivic homotopy theory, motivic cohomology, Spin groups