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Minicourse «Mean values of the Riemann zeta function I, II»

St. Petersburg State University and Euler International Mathematical Institute are happy to announce a new minicourse, presentedd by Winston Heap (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics).  Lectures are scheduled on November 17 and November 19, 19:00 (Moscow time). To attend the lectures, please join zoom channel: 443 726 1792 (password: mkn). Video records of the course are available here.


Course description

Abstract: In the first part of this talk we give a brief overview of mean values of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line and look at some of the major difficulties in this area. In the second part we consider the question of their order and go over some recent results which, when combined, resolve this issue. These will include Soundararajan’s conditional (on the Riemann hypothesis) upper bound and Harper’s sharpening of it, and  recent joint works of myself with Radziwi\l\l and Soundarajan on unconditional methods.

Everyone is welcome!