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Doctoral fellowships

in mathematics, theoretical computer science, mathematical and theoretical physics

The Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute (EIMI) invites applications for doctoral fellowships in mathematics, theoretical computer science, mathematical and theoretical physics with a starting date in

September – October 2023.

The program is aimed to support the doctoral students of Saint Petersburg State University (SPbU) and St.Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics (PDMI). The successful candidates will be employed by EIMI and provided a competitive salary ranging from 50 000 to 85 000 rub./month. Health insurance (for non-russian citizens) and a subsidy covering modest lodging expenses (full or partial) can be also provided. The doctoral students are required to conduct research with the aim of obtaining the PhD degree and to actively participate in the activities of the EIMI, SPbU and PDMI, including seminar and other research and educational events. A small teaching load is also expected.

Your profile

  • Good command of both spoken and written English
  • Strong mathematical skills and academic excellency
  • Dedication to mathematical research

Applicants are strongly advised to inform themselves beforehand about possible PhD topics and scientific advisors, and to explain their preferences in their essay and cover letter (check, for example, web sites of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and PDMI for the list of possible areas and advisors: and

Application procedure

The procedure consists of two parts — selection for the fellowship and official enrollment approval.

For the selection stage the applications must be written in English or Russian and emailed to containing

  • Cover letter substantiating the reasons for applying to this program at Euler institute
  • An essay, outlining the research topics the applicant aims to investigate (it can be based on the applicant’s Master’s thesis and/or scientific publications)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of Master’s/Specialist’s diploma with grade transcripts (in the case the diploma is absent at the time of submission, a transcript of records with the grades confirming the applicant’s most recent assessment is required)
  •  Preprints/published papers (if available)
  •  Names of at least two senior scientists who are willing to write a letter of recommendation for the candidate (they might be contacted by us)

The deadline for admissions is February 20, 2023, the results are planned to be announced by February, 28.

Applications are evaluated by the Admission Panel, and may include a personal interview (through zoom or skype or a similar interface)

After successfully passing the selection stage the candidate will be directed to enroll either to the doctoral program of SPbU or PDMI.

Additional information

  • Scientific questions are advised to be addressed to the corresponding potential PhD advisor.
  • Administrative questions should be addressed to