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Call for short-term visitors

The Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg (EIMI) invites applications for short-term research visits.

Applications should be submitted to by the host who should be a researcher employed at PDMI RAS or at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of SPbU.
The Executive Board of EIMI will consider the application and our staff will contact the applicant to advise on the decision.

The application should include:

  • The name of the tentative visitor.
  • Information about the candidate, including the link to the personal webpage.
  • Brief description of the purpose of the visit and proposed dates.

Basic conditions:

  • EIMI provides visa support for the visit.
  • The visitor will be provided with an office at the PDMI department of EIMI (at Pesochnaya nab. 10) if needed.
  • EIMI may cover travel expenses and provide accommodation (up to one month). If the travel or accommodation expenses are covered by EIMI, the visitor should not purchase tickets or pay for the accommodation by themself. Due to internal rules we may not reimburse the expenses and have to arrange the tickets and accommodation by ourselves. Our staff will contact the visitor to settle the details.
  • The visitor that receives financial support for travel or accommodation expenses has to give a lecture or conduct a mini-course at EIMI, PDMI or MCS Department of SPbU.

The call remains open throughout the year.