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Minicourse «The Hardy space in engineering»

St. Petersburg State University and Euler International Mathematical Institute are happy to announce a new minicourse, given by prof. Nicola Arcozzi (Università di Bologna).  Lectures (1.5 hour with a small break) are scheduled on Tuesday, November, 23 and Thursday, November 25, starting at 6pm at 6.20pm respectively. To attend the lectures, please join zoom channel 811-738-408. If you do not know the password, please write an email to Yurii Belov. Video records of the course are available here.


Course description

 We will be covering a basic range of topics in linear control theory w.r.t. Hardy spaces on the unit disc. The plan is to discuss:

  1. Basics facts on the Hardy space. Linear, time-invariant, causal systems acting on discrete signals. Some problems.
  2. Invariant features and Beurling’s theorem. Characterization of linear, time-invariant, causal systems, in terms of multipliers.
  3. Causality and Toeplitz operators. and  Approximating a noncausal system by a causal one: Hankel operators.
  4. Feedbacks. The model matching problem and Pick interpolation.

Only basic knowledge of complex analysis and real and functional analysis is required. Everyone is welcome!