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Sergey Tikhomirov
Senior researcher
2016 — Habilitation
Institution: University of Leipzig
Thesis title: Quantitative Properties of Infinite and Finite Pseudotrajectories
Committee Chair: S. Luckhaus

2016 — D.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics («Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and Optimal Control»)
Institution: Institute for Information Transmission Problems RAS
Thesis title: Dynamical Systems with Various Shadowing Properties
Committee Chair: Ya.G. Sinai

2009 — Ph.D. (C.Sc.) in Mathematics and Physics («Differential Equations»)
Institution: St. Petersburg State University
Thesis title: Shadowing of Pseudotrajectories in Smooth Flows
Advisor: S.Yu. Pilyugin

2005 — M.Sc. in Mathematics
Institution: Saint Petersburg State University

The head of the research project: "Theoretical mathematics in industrial problems"

Abstract: The project deals with various mathematical problems inspired by applications in industry and IT. A lot of attention is paid to three main research directions: mathematics of oil production, digital geo-modeling and geometry in image analysis.
Dynamical systems