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Competition call for support of starting researchers in St. Petersburg

Euler International Mathematical Institute,

Chebyshev Laboratory,

Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of St. Petersburg State University


Competition call for support of starting researchers in St. Petersburg

Who can apply?

Students of the 4th year of the specialitet and/or bachelor’s program in any university located  in St. Petersburg. Also, students of 3rd year can be admitted to participate by the recommendation of the advisor.


The winners of the competition are awarded a monthly scholarship of 20,000 rubles (after taxes) from April to December, 2021 (for students of the 4th year of the bachelor`s program under the condition that they will enroll masters or doctoral degrees programms). Funds may be paid with a delay in case of complications beyond the control of the competition jury. The winning candidates are offered to be employed either by P. L. Chebyshev Laboratory of St. Petersburg State University or Euler International Mathematical Institute (divisions of St. Petersburg State University and PDMI RAS). Distribution of participants in these divisions is carried out by the competition jury. Participants can submit their suggestions for  the distribution.

Obligations of the winning candidates:

Doing mathematical research, active participation in the scientific life of P. L. Chebyshev Laboratory and Euler Institute.The winning candidate reports annually on their scientific work in detail (providing texts published in the form of preprints or articles; or not published, but allowing for a detailed examination, in particular, containing an introduction, formulations of the results and their proofs). The report includes only those results that will be published with the employer’s support (that is, Chebyshev Laboratory or Euler Institute).


Application deadline: April 3, 2021. Results: not later than on April 12, 2021

Requirements for application:

Applicants should send to the e-mail

  • A summary that includes information about scientific work, participation in scientific events, and a list of completed and upcoming publications
  • Plan for further work
  • The full text of their latest course/term paper and (if available) their preprints/published papers
  • Recommendation letter from the advisor and one other senior scientist
  • Information about participation in other grants


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